NY1 goes tapeless with Pinnacle and Panasonic

Pinnacle Systems' Vortex networked news system with Panasonic P2 media support will enable Time Warner Cable's NY1 to become one of the first news operations that is completely tapeless from camera acquisition through playout.

Pinnacle's Vortex with P2 support creates the opportunity for progressive workflows. Journalists can use Pinnacle Liquid Edition software on a laptop editor on location. After the shoot, the journalist inserts the P2 card into the PCMCIA slot of his laptop, capturing material to the local drive for editing. Upon returning to the station or using network delivery, the journalist can then publish the material from his laptop directly to the Vortex server where it is instantly available for playout, further editing, promos, and archiving. Alternately, journalists returning from the field can insert their P2 cards into a Panasonic P2 drive bay that is integrated within a Pinnacle Liquid editing system on the Vortex network.

Pinnacle is developing a new P2 XReceive plug-in for existing shipping versions of Pinnacle Liquid Edition, Liquid blue and Liquid chrome systems. The plug-in will support DVCPRO25 on all products and DVCPRO50 on Liquid blue. The plug-in will also provide support for direct import to Vortex.

For more information visit www.pinnaclesys.com