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Norwegian newspaper expands with live, online video news coverage

Norwegian newspaper, news website and now online video news destination VG has expand its live video news content use with the deployment of LiveU’s cellular uplinking technology.

VG recognized for some time the need to expand its brand and readership online. It identified live video as an important part of that strategy. To add live video news coverage, the newspaper group is using both multiple LU60s, LiveU’s backpack technology, as well as the company’s new mobile app solution LU-Smart. The app allows users to extend their live video coverage from the field using an iPhone or iPad.

Based on LiveU's fourth-generation bonded uplink technology, the LU-Smart bonds internal Wi-Fi and cellular connections, including 3G/4G LTE, to reach optimal video quality.

“LiveU allows us to go live from the field almost anywhere in an affordable way without the need for a satellite truck,” said Pål Hansen, technical manager with VG TV. “With LU-Smart, we can view and play with live content in new and exciting ways. We use the LiveU technology for both live content and the playback of “as-live” clips via store and forward to the control room.”

VG used two LU60 units as well as the iPhone technology at the recent World Skiing Championships in Italy. Feeds from press conferences and interviews with Norwegian skiers were transmitted to the control room in Oslo then on to the website.

The newspaper uses 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi and LAN, to ensure optimum performance. The LU60 units are normally connected to a Panasonic HPX-250 camera, with off-the-shelf servers running LiveU’s LU1000 software that then feed a video router. VG also has installed an Ubuntu server for the live iPhone feeds.