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NorthVu Shipping Fractal TV Antenna

NorthVu Systems has announced its NV20 Pro Fractal Indoor HDTV Antenna is now available in the United States. I had a chance to preview the antenna in the NXP Semiconductor display at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year and was impressed with the engineering. It uses a fractal antenna design that was tested at Communications Research Centre Canada.

“More consumers across the North America are choosing to take control of their cable TV costs by using a TV antenna to watch the top network and local broadcast TV for free,” said David Mosley, vice president of business development at NorthVu Systems. “The NV20 Pro receives digital broadcast TV channels directly off-air and supports stunning full HD, providing consumers with better picture quality than that offered by cable or satellite distribution. By combining the NV20 Pro to receive live digital TV broadcast programming with the volumes of on-demand movies and shows available via online streaming, consumers get the ‘best of both worlds’ and save money.” 

According to the NorthVu news release announcing availability in the United States, the antenna is “optimized to receive VHF-high, UHF digital broadcast TV (Channels 7 thru 69) and FM radio signals.” 

The NorthVu Systems NV20 antenna is available for sale on for $49.99.