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North Plains introduces new version of TeleScope

North Plains has announced version 9 of TeleScope, its digital asset management (DAM) solution.

TeleScope features tools for digital media management, video management, partner collaboration, creative workflow, multichannel publishing and distribution. The company said version 9 of TeleScope initiates an overall strategy that will strengthen each of these by enabling companies to build a true digital asset ecosystem.

The new software brings together solutions for companies of all sizes via SaaS. This includes improved management across the complete digital asset management lifecycle. It includes a new user interface designed for creative users, not IT experts, with orchestration of workflow across all partners.

The new version has multilingual metadata management and publishing capabilities, improved multichannel publishing and distribution. Together, this makes version 9 a platform for companies of all sizes that will rapidly allow them to connect with partners, clients, service providers and other participants in their digital asset creative and distribution ecosystems.

Large companies can partner with many small companies to get the best value, talent and time-to-market possible. Smaller companies can build partnerships that provide a full-service offering to their clients. Large or small, working with digital asset ecosystems is a critical competency of creative organizations today.