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Nominees for 2019 HPA Awards Creative Categories Announced

(Image credit: Courtesy of HBO)

BURBANK, Calif.Game of Thrones, Chernobyl, Stranger Things, Homecoming and more were not only some of the most popular shows over the last year, they are also all now nominees in the creative categories of the 2019 HPA Awards. Recognizing creative excellence and technical innovation, the HPA Awards honor individuals and teams that worked on television, film and commercial productions.

The 2019 HPA Awards Creative Category nominees for television are:

Outstanding Color Grading—Episodic or Non-Theatrical Feature

  • The Handmaid’s Tale—“Liars”: Bill Ferwerda - Deluxe Toronto
  • The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel—“Vote for Kennedy, Vote for Kennedy”: Steve Bodner - Light Iron
  • Game of Thrones—“Winterfell”: Joe Finley - Sim, Los Angeles
  • I am the Night—“Pilot”: Stefan Sonnenfeld - Company 3
  • Gotham—“Legend of the Dark Knight: The Trial of Jim Gordon”: Paul Westerbeck - Picture Shop
  • The Man in the High Castle—“Jahr Null”: Roy Vasich - Technicolor

Outstanding Editing—Episodic or Non-Theatrical Feature (30 Minutes and Under)

  • Russian Doll—“The Way Out”: Todd Downing
  • Homecoming—“Redwood”: Roseanne Tan, ACE
  • Veep—“Pledge”: Roger Nygard, ACE
  • Withorwithout: Jake Shaver and Shannon Albrink - Therapy Studios
  • Russian Doll—“Ariadne”: Laura Weinberg

Outstanding Editing—Episodic or Non-Theatrical Feature (Over 30 Minutes)

  • Strangers Things—“Chapter Eight: The Battle of Starcourt”: Dean Zimmerman, ACE, and Katheryn Naranjo
  • Chernoybl—“Vichnaya Pamyat”: Simon Smith and Jinx Godfrey - Sister Pictures
  • Game of Thrones—“The Iron Throne”: Katie Weiland, ACE
  • Game of Thrones—“The Long Night”: Tim Porter, ACE
  • The Bodyguard—“Episode One”: Steve Singleton

Outstanding Sound—Episodic or Non-Theatrical

  • Chernobyl—“1:23:45”: Stefan Henrix; Stuart Hilliker; Joe Beal; Michael Maroussas; and Harry Barnes - Boom Post
  • Deadwood: The Movie: John W. Cook II; Bill Freesh; Mandell Winter, MPSE; Daniel Colman, MPSE; Ben Cook, MPSE; and Micha Liberman - NBC Universal
  • Game of Thrones—“The Bells”: Tim Kimmel, MPSE; Onnalee Blank, CAS; Matthew Waters, CAS; Paula Fairfield; and David Klotz
  • The Haunting of Hill House—“Two Storms”: Trevor Gates, MPSE; Jason Dotts; Jonathan Wales; Paul Knox; and Walter Spencer - Formosa Group
  • Homecoming—“Protocol”: John W. Cook II; Bill Freesh; Kevin Bucholz; Jeff A. Pitts; Ben Zales; and Polly McKinnon - NBC Universal

Outstanding Visual Effects—Episodic (Under 13 Episodes) and Non-Theatrical Feature

  • Game of Thrones—“The Long Night”: Martin Hill, Nicky Muir, Mike Perry, Mark Richardson and Darren Christie - Weta Digital
  • The Umbrella Academy—“The White Violin”: Everett Burrell, Misato Shinohara, Chris White, Jeff Campbell and Sebastien Bergeron
  • The Man in the High Castle—“Jahr Null”: Lawson Deming, Cory Jamieson, Casi Blume, Nick Chamberlain, William Parker, Saber Jlassi and Chris Parks - Barnstorm VFX
  • Chernobyl—“1:23:45”: Lindsay MacFarlane; and Max Dennison, Clare Cheetham, Steven Godfrey and Luke Letkey - DNEG
  • Game of Thrones—“The Bells”: Steve Kullback, Joe Bauer and Ted Rae; Mohsen Mousavi - Scanline; and Thomas Schelesny - Image Engine

Outstanding Visual Effects—Episodic (Over 13 Episodes)

  • Hawaii Five-O—“Ke iho mai nei ko luna”: Thomas Connors, Anthony Davis, Chad Schott, Gary Lopez, Adam Avitabile - Picture Shop
  • 9-1-1—“7.1”: Jon Massey, Tony Pizadeh, Brigitte Bourque, Gavin Whelan and Kwon Choi - FuseFX
  • Star Trek: Discovery—“Such Sweet Sorrow Part 2”: Jason Zimmerman, Ante Dekovic, Aleksandra Kochoska, Charles Collyer and Alexander Wood - CBS Television Studios
  • The Flash—“King Shark vs. Gorilla Grodd”: Armen V. Kevorkian, Joshua Spivack, Andranik Taranya, Shirak Agresta and Jason Shulman - Encore VFX
  • The Orville—“Identity: Part II”: Tommy Tran, Kevin Lingenfelser and Joseph Vincent Pike - FuseFX; and Brandon Fayette and Brooke Noska - Twentieth Century Fox TV

To see the nominees for film and commercial productions, click here.

The winners will be announced of the 14th Annual HPA Awards at a gala ceremony on Nov. 21 at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles.