Nimbra Chosen for Chongqing TV Digital Network

Net Insight has received an order from central Chinese broadcasting group Chongqing Television (重庆电视台, CQTV), for its Nimbra media transport platform. The system will form the basis of a new Digital Terrestrial TV network.

Nimbra will provide efficient transport of compressed video, fast Ethernet, uncompressed audio (AES/EBU) and Gigabit Ethernet data services for CQTV to distribute digital television services within the city of Chongqing.

The new network includes a combination of Net Insight's Nimbra 360 and Nimbra One switches, Nimbra Vision Network Management system and a powerful multicast engine for efficient TV distribution, which will be carried over STM-1 microwave links.

The project is part of CQTV's plans to build a network for both TV contribution and distribution in Q4 2008 and continue the roll out in phases through 2009. Net Insight received the order via its local partner New Digital Technologies (NDT) Group.

"With the capabilities that digital video brings to the broadcast industry, CQTV will have a great opportunity to provide a variety of media services to its customers by building a next-generation media network," said Fredrik Trägårdh, CEO for Net Insight." Over all, Digital TV is on the rise in China, the world's largest TV market that presents significant growth opportunities in the DTT and Mobile TV markets for us."