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Nices Shoes Adds Panasonic VTRs to Production House

Nice Shoes, a Manhattan-based post production house, recently purchased ten AJ-HD3700A D-5 HD mastering VTR's to add to its D-5 HD recorders, replacing its D-1 format SD recorders. The company also bought five AJ-HD150 DVCPRO HD studio VTRs to meet an increased demand for DVCPRO HD production.

The AJ-HD3700 series D-5 recorders are designed for program mastering, HD telecine, TV commercials and multi-format DTV and HDTV program production tasks. The recorders are capable of 525/625 line SD recording as well as 720P/60, 1080i/50/60 and 1080P/24 HD formats. It features progressive image recording of 24-fps film sources without frame-rate conversion and both analog audio I/O and metadata record and playback functions are built-in. The AJ-HD3700 can record up to 124 minutes in 1080i/720p/480i and up to 149 minutes in 1080/50i and 1080/25p. Recording times in 625/50i are 112 minutes and 155 minutes in 24p.

The AJ-HD150 supports record, edit and playback of 1080i and 720p and plays back Multiple Video Formats, including all DV-based cassettes. Networks ABC, CBS, NBC and HBO use Panasonic's D-5 and D-5 HD recorders.