NHL Network Selects Comcast Media Center

Denver-based Comcast Media Center (CMC) is now providing channel origination and transmission services for the 24-hour NHL Network.

NHL Network's new facility at the CMC is being used for the network's HD and SD (standard definition) broadcasts, including multiple live events. Besides being designed to deliver the highest-quality video, the new control room also features advanced graphics and live ticker capabilities.

"Through its affiliation with national and regional sports television networks, CMC already plays a major role in coordinating the delivery of NHL games from their local venues to TV homes across the US and Canada," said Peter Del Giacco, NHL chief technology officer, in a statement. "CMC shares our commitment to a quality viewing experience and we are confident they will provide an excellent television experience to our viewers."

"We are grateful for the opportunity to expand our relationship with the NHL to include origination and transmission services for its flagship TV network," added Richard Buchanan, VP and GM, content services for CMC, in a statement.

The CMC currently originates more than 20,000 HD, SD, and 3D live and recorded events a year for its industry customers.

-- George Winslow, Broadcasting & Cable