NHK Deploys Omneon Spectrum for Playout

NHK Technical Services (NTS) is using the Omneon media server to deploy Mobile.n channel programming in Tokyo.

Mobaho! is the multichannel satellite service from Japan's Mobile Broadcasting (MBC) that was launched in late October. The service offers subscribers seven video channels and 30 audio channels.

For eight hours per day, Mobile.n programming includes news programs from Japan and overseas, sports, documentaries and programs provided by the service.

At NTS, the Omneon Spectrum offers 438 GB of storage, capable of storing 120 hours of MPEG-2 content. News and broadcast data are transferred to the MBCO master control for playout to air and the Omneon server ingests scheduled programming, which is then played out to the master control at Mobile.n for broadcasts.

Content is then encoded to MPEG-4 in real time and air through the MBCO master room. Mobaho! broadcasts are delivered at 2.6 GHz.