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NextWave pilot promotes European 3G mobile TV

Co-sponsors Orange and T-Mobile are joining NextWave in a pilot of TDtv — multimedia broadcast technology that is designed to study European mobile TV performance on 3G networks, develop a services business case, and promote a 3G-centered operator/handset alliance.

Any UMTS operator that owns 3G TDD licenses and spectrum that could generate significant revenues with advanced broadcast services is invited to participate in the TDtv commercial pilot in one of two ways: hosting a TDtv trial in their own territory or actively participating in key meetings with Orange, T-Mobile and NextWave to receive London pilot documentation and information.

During the pilot, Orange and T-Mobile UK will use 10MHz of shared 3G TDD spectrum and a network of shared TDtv base stations to broadcast up to 24 high-resolution TV channels along with 10 digital radio stations throughout central and western London.

For the tests, customers will watch popular premium UK TV channels on touch-screen TDtv-enabled quad-band HSDPA handsets. Subscribers also will be able to use advanced features like a personal video recorder, live pause, time-shifting, automatic handover between broadcast and unicast, seamless broadcast/unicast integration, broadcast-delivered VOD, and fast channel changing. The pilot will include advertising as part of the commercial proposition, with a simple advertising payload being carried over the broadcast system.

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