Nexstar Switches from TV Ratings to Impressions for Ad Sales

IRVING, Texas—The cost for advertising during popular TV shows on Nexstar stations will no longer be based on traditional TV ratings, but rather will be determined on a cost-per-impression model, Nexstar Media Group announced.

Having developed a new method with Comscore that provides audience measurement metrics across Nexstar’s broadcast, digital, mobile and streaming video platforms, advertisers will be able to use these impressions to garner more qualitative data about the audience, more accurately reflect the total number of people watching and are more comparable to metrics used by non-broadcast platforms.

Among the viewer details that this new system is able to reveal, per Nexstar, are household incomes, shopping preferences and brand loyalties. Advertisers can utilize this data to target their spending for maximum impact, including reaching customers as they prepare to make a purchase, Nexstar says.

“This transition is an important step in modernizing the way buyers and sellers conduct business to better reflect the trends in video-consumption and to ensure that all viewing audiences are being accurately counted,” said Steve Walsh, executive vice president of local services at Comscore.

“Our sales force will be able to talk to all advertisers—big or small, national or local—in an informed, fact-based manner about maximizing the reach and effectiveness of their spending across every available media channel and every viewer will be counted, no matter where or when they watch,” said Tim Busch, president of Nexstar Broadcasting. “In addition, advertisers will be able to universally target their customers regardless of the distribution platform and monitor the results through unduplicated audience measurement.”