Nexstar expands relationship with Encoda Systems

Encoda Systems has a multi-year license agreement with Nexstar Broadcasting for their recently acquired Quorum broadcast stations. Over the next five years Nexstar will standardize all 39 stations in its group onto Columbine Sales and Traffic and Encoda MART (Media Analysis and Reporting Tool).

Previously using VCI and Marketron traffic products, the Quorum properties have begun converting to the Encoda product suite. Standardization using Encoda’s products will be made across all stations within Nexstar’s media enterprise.

Encoda MART will provide Nexstar management with the ability to view and manage information about their media properties. The broadcaster can now aggregate and standardize disparate station sales and inventory information to provide a timely and previously unavailable view of sales trends and historical information in any combination—stations, groups, regions, or the entire corporate enterprise.

Encoda MART data can be securely accessed anywhere via a secured Internet connection, providing Nexstar executives easy access to key performance indicators at anytime. In addition to MART, Nexstar also uses several other Encoda supplied products, including, Sales Analysis Plus, Skim Plus, Electronic Contracting and Automation Interface with Automatic Reconciliation.

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