News, entertainment programming to become available to Alcatel 3G mobile users in China

Users of 3G mobile technology in China will soon have access to television news programming, financial news and entertainment on their handsets.

Under an agreement between Alcatel and the Shanghai Media Group (SMG), 11 channels of programming will be available on Alcatel’s 3G network. Alcatel Shanghai Bell, the telecommunication company’s Chinese flagship, signed the agreement with SMG.

Besides 3G mobile users in China, Alcatel 3G customers worldwide will be able to watch SMG’s news and entertainment programming thanks to Alcatel’s international network of 3G Reality Centers.

Additionally, the agreement will allow Alcatel to offer SMG channels as part of its DSL solution so broadband customers in China can stream programming as well as watch live programming in HD at up to 384Kb/s transmission rates.

Both companies demonstrated the new service at China Elecomm, a Shanghai telecommunications trade show in late June.

Visit Alcatel to learn more about the agreement.

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