New Vision Rolls-out HD Production With Sony

New Vision Television Group has completed the first phase of its conversion to full HD operations. The company is rolling out 130 Sony tapeless high-definition camcorders across its 17 owned-and-operated stations—a combination of XDCAM HD422 optical PDW-700 camcorders and the compact Express Card-based PMW-EX3 with the Nipros optical fiber studio adapter.

The purchase of the XDCAM systems completes New Vision’s first phase, which will continue to develop as part of a long-term plan, according to Lynn Rowe, chief technology consultant for the company. The new Sony technology also updates its ENG and production gear.

Rowe said the XDCAM HD system delivered the combination of benefits, features and overall quality that he had been looking for in an end-to-end tapeless production system. He was also impressed by the ability to review footage immediately as thumbnails on the camcorder’s LCD screen, and to be able to switch back to live recording at the press of a button.

Each station’s market will dictate the primary uses for each camera. “Our approach in Mason City, Iowa—almost exclusively EX3s—is not the same as Portland, Ore., where it’s all 700s,” Rowe said. “Each market will support a different amount of capital expenditures. Also, the competitive and operational issues are different from market to market.”