New TNDV 40ft HD production truck helps Opry reclaim TV presence

The Grand Ole Opry, America's Jewel of country music, suffered right along with the rest of Nashville in May 2010 from the devastation wrought by the flooding Cumberland River.

Water reached a depth of 6ft in the Grand Ole Opry's in-house video control room and completely wiped out the institution's video production infrastructure. But out of this catastrophe grew a strong desire to begin fresh and reclaim the Opry's heritage of live stage performances delivered to those in attendance and an enthusiastic television audience around the country.

The Grand Ole Opry contracted Emmy-award winning entertainment production company High Five Entertainment to produce six episodes of "Opry Live." High Five Entertainment in turn contracted mobile production company TNDV to provide the HD mobile production systems and technical crew required.

In this podcast interview, TNDV owner Nic Dugger talks about the impact of the flood on the Grand Ole Opry, his company's new HD 40ft mobile production vehicle "Aspiration," which was used for the project, and the vehicle's use of MADI at the core of its design to meet the demanding audio production requirements of the Grand Ole Opry.