New technology campus at IBC delivers insight into tomorrow

Broadcasters attending this year’s IBC conference in Amsterdam have an opportunity to look into the future of broadcasting thanks to the New Technology Campus.

Some of the latest research into the technologies shaping the direction of the industry will be presented on the campus.

Participants come from Russia, the U.K., Australia, Canada, Germany, Holland, Italy and France. On-campus presentations include:

  • Mobile multimedia. Cimindus will demonstrate how it believes multimedia technology can be adapted for mobile use. It will show how multimedia content can be delivered via low-cost DVB-T broadcast channels while using a mobile telecommunications network for personal transactions and specialized information.
  • Automatic metadata generation. Metavision will present a report discussing how automatic generation of metadata at capture can quicken the post-production process.
  • Broadcast network solutions. The St. Petersburg Institute from Russia will provide information on its work to develop a system for distant measurement of TV transmitter parameters, accessing the measurements via the Internet and detecting pirate insertion of ads into network feeds.
  • Program customization. The Interactive TV Research Institute of Australia examines how broadcasters can become more responsive to their viewers’ individual needs and deliver custom content. When applied to advertising, the institute believes this type of customization can overcome commercial zapping and entice viewers to drill deeper for information they desire and facilitate an on-line purchase.
  • Capturing 3-D media. Origami will show the most recent techniques for capturing 3-D media, which includes giving feedback to actors in a virtual world.
  • L-band reception. Canada’s Communications Research Centre has investigated the problems associated with L-band reception of DAB in moving vehicles. They will deliver information on advanced COFDM demodulation techniques and the latest results on improvements to the ATSC 8-VSB terrestrial DTV transmission system.

Broadcasters will find the New Technology Campus located between Stands 3 and 6 at IBC2003.

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