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New Report Predicts Netflix Could Buy TV Channels

GÖTEBORG, SWEDEN—The annual Nostradamus Report, which speaks to key figures within the TV and film industries, has predicted Netflix will look to buy TV channels within the next five years.

In the report, presented at the Goteburg Film Festival, Walter Iuzzolino, co-creator of Walter Presents, said, “I think some TV channels will literally become joint ventures with the giant streamers and Netflix will buy channels. Because Netflix are brilliant at colonizing the world, but they don’t have the marketing real estate in terms of being able to shape the national conversation.”

"I think a big streaming giant will buy channels, or vice versa, or they will completely merge. I think that’s absolutely inevitable," Iuzzolino added.

Marike Muselaers, co-CEO, Lumière Group, suggested blockchain will make a major impact on the industry, particularly for producers and content makers: "They will use a technology like blockchain to reach out to their consumers directly—so it’s transactional. 

"These kind of technologies are perfect for makers to regain power," she added. "What you can do in a blockchain is basically what the music industry does: you put everyone who worked on the production on a smart contract. And when a film is bought online, everybody will immediately get a piece of the pie. No more middleman."

The full report can be found at the Goteburg Film Festival website.

This story first appeared on TVT's sister publication TVB Europe