New playout server from Miranda

At the upcoming IBC conference in September, Miranda will launch its Xstation HD/SD playout server with integrated channel branding and playlist control.

Xstation is based on Miranda's Vertigo XG graphics processor and its patented Xmedia Suite graphics automation applications. It offers full-featured playout, with full graphics rendering, to provide control over long-form clips, commercial spots, tickers, crawls and more.

The system's graphics engine allows an unlimited number of animated elements to be individually keyed at each layer. Xstudio, the graphics authoring application for Xstation, offers easy building of branding templates and graphics creation, along with data interfacing for applications such as weather updates and news crawls. It features a keyframe animation editor and timeline control for real-time animation playback.

Xplay is the playout automation application that features the ability to preview upcoming events, including bugs and crawls. Xstation can run as a standalone, turnkey system using playlists created in Xbuilder, or it can use an existing third-party traffic system to trigger all primary and secondary events.

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