New Panasonic white paper offers a guide to using proxy video

Panasonic Broadcast has made available a new educational white paper entitled “Proxy Video: From A to iPod.”

The paper, authored by director/cinematographer Suny Behar, introduces readers to the concept of proxy video and presents an in-depth look at what proxy files entail, providing a step-by-step guide to the most cost-effective, time-efficient means of creating dailies.

Proxy video is a capability of Panasonic’s higher-end P2 HD cameras (including the AJ-HPX3000 and AJ-HPX2000) and the upcoming solid-state P2 HD VariCams, including the VariCam 3700 (AJ-HPX3700) and VariCam 2700 (AJ-HPX2700), to create a simultaneous offline version of the HD video that is being recorded. This video is very low bit rate and ready for immediate viewing — with no recompression or transcoding — on many different types of devices, such as the Apple iPod line of products.

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