New NHK 3D TV Would Not Require Glasses

(Image credit: NHK)

TOKYO—NHK has an eye on bringing back 3D TV, but without the glasses. NHK is developing Aktina Vision, a 3D TV system that enables natural 3D viewing.

To create the 3D image, Aktina Vision captures an object from different viewpoints (horizontal and vertical) so as to have multiviewpoint images. These are then used to reproduce the light rays from the object. By increasing the number of mutliviewpoint images and resolution of each image, natural high-resolution 3D video display can be achieved, per NHK.

Aktina Vision can accommodate 72 mutliviewpoint images; it also increases video resolution by using an 8K projector with a pixel-offset method. A special optical system shifts and multiplexes the light rays of the 72 high-resolution multiviewpoint images. This ultimately allows the NHK system to produce 2 million pixels, equivalent to HDTV, it says.

“We will continue to research on 3D imaging, video compression coding, etc. to achieve next-generation TV that can present video with unprecedented realism,” NHK said in its press release.

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