New Literature Guides Readers Through UPS Selection Process

The recently published “Common Mistakes in Selecting UPS and How to Avoid Them” is now available from Staco Energy Products. This full-color, multi-page literature identifies 17 misconceptions and mistakes that occur when selecting Uninterruptible Power Supplies, and counsels readers on how to avoid them. An example of a common mistake is to improperly size the UPS—the brochure includes worksheets for to accurately determine requirements.

Copies of the brochure area available for download at, or can be requested by contacting This informative, easy to understand literature is ideal for any industry with power surges, sags or other anomalies, or where ongoing functioning of electrical equipment and computers is vital, including data centers, manufacturing lines, computer design terminals, telecommunications/911 systems, food processing and bottling lines, waster or wastewater pumping systems, and more.

Staco Energy Products Co., headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, is a major provider of voltage control, power conditioning, power factor/harmonic correction, and UPS systems and technologies. Since 1937, Staco has provided business and industry with practical solutions to meet a wide range of power demands. The new line of harmonic correction equipment can be purchased through Staco Energy’s nationwide network of sales representatives, or by contacting the factory directly at US toll free 866-261-1191, by fax at 937-253-1723, or via email at For more information visit