New Jersey High School Carries On Broadcast Tradition

TENAFLY, N.J.: The broadcast industry is in arguably the greatest crisis of its existence, yet there are young people around the country who are training to be a part of it even now. In this north Jersey community, students have been broadcasting news at the Tenafly High School Lalor Library Media Center for nearly a decade. Students prepare on weekday mornings just before 9:30 a.m. to count down to a live shot of the day’s news, fed to the anchor of the day via teleprompter. The newscast is broadcast into 65 rooms in the school.

Some are training for a life in broadcasting; others, to hone their communications skills, the Media Center director tells The Record of Hackensack, N.J. “Whether they go into this field or not, to learn communications skills and to learn what goes on behind the camera as well as what goes on in front of the camera is extremely valuable,” David Di Gregorio said.

The story of the schools broadcast tradition was picked up by the Kansas City Star and run here.