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New Gefen Amplifier Splits 1080p for 10 Displays

Gefen has rolled out a distribution amplifier the firm said can split an HDMI audio/video signal and send it to 10 monitors simultaneously—screens that support video up to 1080p.

The 10 outputs of the amplifier, which is HDCP-compliant, can be used in partial or full configuration. Because the system is driven by a single 24 V power supply, Gefen said delivery of the HD video/audio audio is simultaneous and without delay or distortion.

Gefen said the new unit (marketed as the “1:10 HDMI Distribution Amplifier”) works with all HDMI sources—including DBS, video games, and next-gen DVD players. The distribution amp will support DVI displays, when combined with a HDMI-to-DVI audio adapter.