New Final Cut Pro Facility Readied for LATV

LATV, a bilingual music and entertainment network headquartered in Los Angeles, has just inaugurated its new network of 10 interconnected Final Cut Pro workstations.

The new system will be used in connection with the network's broadcasting, Internet and prepping for mobile TV activities. It was engineered by the DR Consulting division of the DR Group, a Hollywood organization that provides support the motion picture industry, post-production facilities and digital cinema. The Final Cut Pro workstations are fully integrated with new LATV master control and equipment room facilities.

"We are committed to bringing the best in bilingual entertainment to our viewers and The DR Group has helped us reach that goal," said LATV director of Engineering and Technology, Patrick Osterman. "In working with The DR Group previously, they have demonstrated the expertise to take my concept and refine the design, enabling LATV to maximize our edit-to-air capability both efficiently and effectively."

Each of the Final Cut Pro workstations installed is connected by fiber network to a 28 TB Apple Xraid storage system located in the facility's equipment room.