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New audio device provides emergency alerts to tower workers

Towerswitch LLC, an engineering firm based in Deerfield Beach, FL, has introduced Talking Alert! a new digital audio device designed to dramatically reduce accidents in the workplace.

The system, which was designed to prevent mishaps by telecommunications workers climbing tall broadcast towers, automatically triggers loud, audio safety messages and emergency alerts when danger is near.

Packaged in a compact (8in x 6in x 3in) weatherproof housing, the solar-powered Talking Alert! delivers up to 10 minutes of customized audio messages in any language by simply pressing the Information Button. The Emergency Button immediately notifies staff and security.

Using a built-in microphone jack, messages can be recorded, erased and rerecorded. Audio playback is initiated by pressing one of the front panel buttons, or by triggering an external input, such as an optional motion detector or magnetic contact on the door leading out to the antenna rooftop. A special magnetic contact is available for tower elevator applications. An on-board relay can also be set to notify security, or set off alarms.

The solar power feature has battery backup for redundancy, or it can be powered by AC electricity. A built-in Datalogger automatically records activations to verify scheduled maintenance and inspections, or site visits can be logged manually with a watch-key. Data is downloaded directly from the unit to a laptop or PDA.

Talking Alert! conforms with OSHA-mandated hazard communications standards, and because of the unit's potential to dramatically lower employer liability, major insurance carriers are considering Talking Alert! for safety-related discounts.

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