Networked HD video lights up MTV Video Music Awards

The HD images on the walls, ceilings and on 17 LED video walls graced the inside Radio City Music Hall, in New York City, at this year’s 2006 MTV Video Music Awards. The visual effects were powered by a series of Thomson Grass Valley Turbo intelligent digital disk recorders (iDDRs).

Nocturne Productions was responsible for providing the system for screen playout at the event. Nocturne used seven Grass Valley Turbo iDDRs networked together to play back the HD videos. HD clips organized and stored on the Turbo systems were controlled externally for HD multichannel playout.

As a low-cost, digital media recorder, the Turbo iDDR produces an easy and efficient workflow, two-channel output to enable functions such as independent editing and previewing, external control mechanisms and interaction with both SD and HD resolution content.

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