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Network Electronics Routes 'Big Brother 3'

Televisa--a producer of Hispanic programming and live shows--has selected the Network Electronics , HD VikinX serial digital router for the reality show "Big Brother 3" in Mexico.

The broadcaster will also use a complement of the company's distribution equipment for the network.

The VikinX will route the signals or more than 60 color cameras positioned through the house to record the movements of 12 strangers staying under the same roof for 120 days, whittling down by one each week as they get voted off the show. Video, audio and data signal will be sent through Network Electronics equipment.

The deal includes the VikinX 128 x 128 HD/SDI and 64 x 64 audio, 422 data routers and more than 12 advanced, configurable control panels. The HD, serial digital video router provides a multirate support from 19.4 at 1485 Mbps.