NETIA shows asset management at IBC2006

At IBC2006, NETIA, a provider of media asset management software solutions, will show its new Media Logging range, designed to meet the needs of broadcasters, telecom and mobile phone operators, and Internet companies looking to capture, index, transcode and distribute audio and video content.

With the Media Logging applications, video and audio files are captured 24 hours a day into the database, where they are individually examined, segmented and completed with the necessary associated metadata. This can be done automatically or in a semi-automatic mode through the use of speech-to-text and image recognition techniques. The complete range is fully Web-based.

NETIA’s IBC exhibit will also feature its Manreo asset management and archiving software. It provides a content management solution for broadcasters, with extensive publishing capabilities for multiple formats.

Manreo allows for ingest, digitization, archiving, indexing, intranet search and browsing of all types of audio and video files. Users can publish this content directly to multiple formats, such as the Internet and mobile phones, as well as to third-party systems, and can define their own rules for automatic publishing of content. Additionally, Manreo can be set up so that publishing triggers automatic encoding of the video to the proper target format, such as the video formats used in mobile phone applications.

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