Netherlands’ United Broadcast Facilities powers up with Anton Bauer

United Broadcast Facilities, a full-service ENG rental and production facility in the Netherlands, has selected HyTRON 140 and Dionic 160 Logic series batteries from Anton/Bauer to provide power for its wide ranging remote production projects.

Since 1988, United Broadcast Facilities has had a long-standing relationship with Anton/Bauer, but this purchase marks one of the most significant investments the facility has made yet in the latest HyTRON 140 and Dionic 160 Logic series batteries.

The HyTRON 140 and Dionic 160 weigh 2.5kg and 1.5kg respectively. The Dionic 160 is incredibly lightweight, while the HyTRON 140 provides an increased weight/power ratio and optimizes balance, giving users working with “short” cameras peace of mind over potential discomfort.

Each battery targets specific production needs, with the Dionic 160 offering military-grade technology and the HyTRON NiMH with new cell technology. Both batteries are designed to handle the power consumption demands of today’s HD equipment and on-camera lighting systems.

To ensure reliable performance, all Logic series batteries are compatible with the company’s InterActive charging systems.

The HyTRON140 (14.4V 140Wh NiMH battery) measures 12.06cm x 7.37cm x 13.84cm and can be used with HMI portable lights. The Dionic 160 (14.4V 160Wh Li-ion battery) measures 9.53cm x 13.34cm x 10.16cm. Both batteries feature Anton/Bauer’s signature MAXII warranty and are compatible with current regulatory requirements, including CE.