Netflix’s Global Popularity Skyrockets Amid Coronavirus

(Image credit: Netflix)

LONDON—Netflix has become a key resource for those forced to stay home during the coronavirus pandemic, as evidence by a new report from According to the data Learnbonds gathered, since April 2019, the number of Google searches for Netflix has shot up 142%, with a significant spike coming in March 2020. 

Between April 2019 and February 2020, Netflix’s popularity as a Google search term was relatively consistent, an average score of 41, save for a surge around the Christmas holiday. As of March 8, Learnboards showed that Netflix had a popularity score of 46. By the next week, it had jumped to a score of 75 and at the end of the month it was at 89. Now, after the first week of April, Netflix’s popularity score sits at 100, a 142% increase from the previous year.

This recent boost correlates with the current coronavirus pandemic that has seen much of the world take quarantining measures to prevent the spread of the virus. In regions most impacted by coronavirus, Netflix has seen some of its biggest gains.

This increase in popularity comes even as Netflix announced it would temporarily reduce the streaming quality of its content throughout Europe to help prevent a strain on the internet.

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South America has been one of the main contributors to Netflix’s recent popularity surge. Argentina (with a score of 100) leads the way, followed by Uruguay (98), and with Colombia (93), Chile (91), Ecuador (88) and Brazil (86) all in the top 10 of countries; the top 10 is rounded out by Ireland (96), Mexico (91), New Zealand (88) and Canada (87).

Unfortunately, there was no specific data on just how many people were searching about “Tiger King.”

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