Netflix Open Connect delivery network grows in popularity

Netflix Open Connect, the single-purpose video content delivery network launched last year, is now delivering the majority of Netflix international traffic and is growing at a rapid pace in the U.S. market.

In early 2012, Netflix began enabling Internet service providers (ISPs) to receive, at no cost to them, Netflix video directly at the interconnection point of the ISP's choice. By connecting directly through Open Connect, ISPs can more effectively manage their networks and more efficiently deliver Internet services to consumers, including the more than 1 billion hours of Netflix TV shows and movies consumers watch every month.

Netflix Open Connect is now widely deployed around the world, serving the vast majority of Netflix video in Europe, Canada and Latin America, and a growing proportion in the United States, where Netflix has more than 25 million streaming members.

"Leading-edge ISPs around the world such as Cablevision, Virgin Media, British Telecom, Telmex, Telus, TDC, GVT, among many others, are already participating in Open Connect to provide the highest-possible quality Netflix service to consumers," said Netflix CEO Reed Hastings. "Our goal is to have all of our members served by Open Connect as soon as possible."

A new feature available through Open Connect partners is Netflix Super HD (opens in new tab), the highest quality video format offered by Netflix. In the United States, Netflix for the first time also is offering a small number of titles streaming in 3-D through Open Connect partners. Depending on demand, the company will consider adding 3-D titles and expanding availability to international markets.

"These new Super HD and 3-D formats are more challenging to deliver than our other video streams, which is why we will deliver them through Open Connect," said Ken Florance, VP of content delivery at Netflix.