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NEP Supershooters rolls out SS22 next-generation HD mobile production truck

NEP Supershooters used the production of the PGA Championship on CBS Aug. 11-14 to inaugurate its new SS22 high-definition mobile production truck, which is designed for quick set-ups and increased efficiencies.

The new mobile unit can scale to meet a variety of production needs and can be operated as a single-truck unit or connected via fiber with a B-unit for added space and capabilities.

“Our goal was to design a truck that packed a powerful punch with elegant and efficient packaging,” said NEP CTO George Hoover. “We relied on fiber technology to help increase efficiencies and used some new thinking to improve audio and tape room workflows which should add more ease for operators in the truck.”

SS22 is one in a series of next-generation HD trucks NEP plans to add to its Supershooters fleet in the coming year. It was built from the ground up in NEP’s fully equipped design and integration facility.

Part of its new design includes a workstation for an in-truck A2 outside of the mixing room. This added position will help to reduce noise in the mixing room and improve efficiency for audio teams, which are facing increasingly complex audio needs.

In addition, NEP’s design team reworked the operator positions in the tape room, flipping monitors to portrait view for a better field of vision and more efficient use of space.

SS22 is 3-D capable, 3G-ready and equipped with a Calrec Apollo audio console with Bluefin and the ability to handle 16 channels of embedded audio, Sony HDC-1500 cameras, EVS XT2 servers and a Grass Valley Kalypso switcher. The Kalypso will be upgraded to a Kayenne in early 2012, according to NEP.

The truck's horizontal, two-tier production room allows for a large monitor wall, which is designed with only an inch and a half space from screen to screen for viewing ease. The new mobile unit also is equipped with nsite, NEP’s fully integrated and automatic system for monitoring and support

This fall, SS22 and NEP engineers Pat Zollinger, Ryan Jones and Rick Swaim will provide support for the NFL on FOX and the NBA on ESPN.