NEP Supershooters Adds Ikegami HD Cameras

NEP Supershooters, a Pittsburgh-based international provider of television production services, recently outfitted its SS17 mobile production truck with 10 Ikegami HDK-79EC native multiformat CMOS camera systems.

“When we were purchasing equipment for the new SS17 truck, flexibility was at the front of our minds,” said George Hoover, NEP’s chief technology officer. “The HDK-79EC’s ability to operate from triax or fiber, and its ability to switch between 720 and 1080 were the major reasons we chose to purchase these cameras.”

The HDK-79EC uses three 2/3-inch 2.5 megapixel CMOS imagers to provide very high-quality multiformat HD performance. The cameras selected by NEP Supershooters are equipped with Ikegami’s VFL-900HD 16:9 LCD color viewfinders, which feature a very wide viewing angle and low lag performance.

NEP’s SS17 Ikegami HDK-79EC-equipped mobile production unit made its debut in connection with a May 3 boxing event.

“Right out of the box, the cameras were excellent in their first show,” Hoover said. “Our senior video operator was thrilled with the images he saw, and everything performed up to our high level of expectations.”

Hoover predicted all sports production will be done in HD by the start of 2011.