NEP Supershooters adds 10 Ikegami HDK-79EC HD cameras to truck

NEP Supershooters recently outfitted its SS17 mobile production truck with 10 Ikegami HDK-79EC HD native multiformat CMOS camera systems.

The cameras provide NEP with full 16:9 aspect ratio and operation in 1080/60i, 1080/24p and 720/60p HD. As a provider of HD production services to multiple clients requesting a variety of HDTV format standards, NEP found it important to have the versatility of the HDK-79EC. Each camera is also outfitted with Ikegami’s VFL-900HD, a 9in 16:9 color LCD viewfinder featuring low-lag characteristics and wide viewing angles.

The HDK-79EC employs three 2/3in 2.5-megapixel CMOS (complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor) imaging sensors to achieve high picture quality and multiformat HD performance. The 1920 x 1080 active-pixel CMOS sensors are switchable between interlace and progressive readout modes.

Incorporating Ikegami’s Chip C4 ASIC video processing technology, the HDK-79EC can handle the wide dynamic lighting encountered in outdoor broadcasting with advanced digital-imaging features. The system’s docking-style camera head and universal studio conversion system expander make it easy to be configured for use with either triax or SMPTE fiber cable.

NEP’s SS17 truck made its debut May 3 a major boxing event.

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