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NEP Installs Virtual Studio Management in Flagship HD Production Truck

WIESBADEN, GERMANY— As part of an initiative to bring virtual studio management to the United States, L-S-B has partnered with NEP to install the system in flagship HD production truck SS22.

NEP’s engineering team worked closely with L-S-B to tailor the system to their unique needs. SS22 is the first mobile production truck in NEP’s fleet to use VSM and enables them to offer innovative and simplified operational workflows.

In addition, because VSM integrates directly into the existing infrastructure in the truck it is able to assume management of already installed 3rd party control panels, making it a truly unique, entirely central, umbrella control system. The first production supported by SS22 utilizing VSM technology covered of the 2013 PGA Championship golf tournament.

VSM talks directly to all of SS22’s PESA routers, GVG Kayenne Switcher, Harris Multiviewers, Calrec Audio Console, RTS Intercom system, Cobalt and AJA processing technology. All these components provide a single toolbox that is able to create control user interfaces and logic. In SS22, VSM handles all router control, interfacing directly to the PESA Audio and Video routers, as well as interacting directly with the Calrec Audio console. Because VSM is integrated directly into the truck’s existing infrastructure, it is able to talk directly to the already installed PESA panels with no need for the native controller.

“Our goals are centered around improving the efficiency of configuring complex and disparate systems,” said Vice President of NEP Labs Jeff Joslin, who led the project. “To many, the idea of being able to separately recall configurations for various systems in the mobile unit from a previous show is the goal, but that doesn't go far enough. VSM offers one central and efficient tool for setting up the entire, immensely complex network of systems in a mobile unit that is agile enough to meet each client’s unique needs, while translating those demands into a ‘ready to go’ state in the fewest steps possible.”