NEP Broadcasting Covering Golf’s U.S. Open

NEP Broadcasting has been selected to provide the majority of television production equipment for global coverage of the 107th U.S. Open golf tournament. The event takes place June 14-17 at the Oakmont Country Club in Pittsburgh.

NBC and ESPN will be using video from NEP Sharpshooters’ latest high-definition truck, the ND4. The tournament will mark the first use of the new mobile video facility. ND4 will be one of more than a dozen mobile production facilities in use at the Oakmont Country Club.

The new truck is equipped with a Grass Valley Kalypso switcher, a Calrec Alpha audio console and several EVS LSM instant access slow motion systems. Sony HDC-1500 cameras are being used for capturing the event.

In addition to NBC and ESPN, Pittsburgh-based NEP will supply more than $50 million in broadcast equipment to other television networks including The Golf Channel, the USGA world feed, Sky Sports and TV Asahi.

“While the majority of our efforts take place throughout the country and around the globe, we’re happy to launch ND4 at this year’s U.S. Open, which is happening right here in our own backyard,” said George Hoover, NEP Broadcasting’s vice president of engineering. “The introduction of ND4 further strengthens our position as the leader in TV production facilities. The U.S. Open is the jewel of professional golf’s major championships, and we are proud to ensure that continuous coverage of the action is delivered to millions of fans around the world.”

The tournament--one of golf’s four Grand Slam events--is hosted each year by the United States Golf Association and is expected to provide 27 hours or more of live sports action for participating networks.