NEP Adds Four FOR-A Video Writers to HD Trucks

For-A FVW-500HS Video Writer
NEP Supershooters will equip several of its HD production trucks and support trailers with four FOR-A Video Writers (model FVW-500HS) for several of its HD production and support trailers. The next-gen video writers in NEP's line allow users to draw in real time over HD/SD video using a touchscreen interface.

NEP Supershooters focuses much of its field production work on coverage of pro golf events. In fact, NEP said its current mobile production facilities cover more than 100 golf events annually for various network clients, including ESPN Regional and the Golf Channel. (NEP said the Golf Channel's main support units ST-19, ST-10 and ST-11 are now also using the its video writer technology, while a mid-sized HD unit also uses the device).

Although a lot of its clients continue to require SD content for now, NEP said all its mobile units now support both 1080i and 720p production. (ESPN/ABC and Fox Sports require 720p; NBC Sports and CBS Sports side with 1080i.)

NEP Supershooters is an entity of NEP Broadcasting in Pittsburgh.