NEP acquires competitor New Century Productions

NEP Broadcasting, a Pittsburgh-based provider of mobile production services for live sports and entrainment TV production, has acquired the assets of Allentown, PA-based New Century Productions (NCP). The agreement was a total stock exchange, but no financial details were provided.

The combined companies will create an industry powerhouse with 25 HD and 25 SD mobile units based in the United States and UK.

According to both companies, NCP and NEP management will co-invest with New York-based private equity firm American Securities Capital Partners (ASCP) in a new holding company that will own New Century Productions and all the domestic and international operating divisions of NEP Broadcasting. ASCP acquired a majority interest in NEP in February 2007.

NCP will continue to operate under the NCP brand from its offices in Allentown, with no changes in current staff, service or support.

Mike Werteen will be promoted to senior VP and general manager and be directly responsible for the division’s operations. NCP co-founder Barry Fisher will join the board of directors of the new parent company.

New Century Productions began operations in 1984, with a single truck serving the regional sports market. Today, NCP owns and operates five HD and five SD trucks to provide coverage of NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NCAA events for ESPN, CBS, FOX, CSTV, MASN, Comcast SportsNet.

NCP’s signature events include the production of “Sunday Night Baseball,” MLB’s World Series, the U.S. Open and the NCAA Basketball Final Four.

NEP Broadcasting operates a number of separate divisions, including NEP Supershooters, with one of the largest fleets of mobile production facilities; NEP Visions, the UK-based mobile production company; Roll To Record, a reality TV facilities company; and NEP Screenworks, a provider of modular LED screens and mobile screen trucks for live entertainment and sports events. NEP Studios also owns and operates a number of independent TV production studios and services in New York City.

NCP will roll out a new HD truck, NCP XI, in April 2008, representing the first collaboration between the two companies. The HD unit will be built by the NEP Systems Integration Group. NCP is also developing a new 20,000sq ft field shop in Allentown that will be ready in the first half of 2008.

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