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Need to be Discreet at NAB

Discreet has announced that the company’s core theme for NAB 2003 is the expanding use of high-definition media, including the digital intermediate process as a part of Digital Cinema. With the unveiling of the company’s new digital color grading system at NAB, Discreet will reveal a unique and unified digital intermediate pipeline - grading, visual effects, finishing.

The recently released inferno 5, flame 8 and flint 8 visual effects systems, along with smoke 5.2 and fire 5.2 editing/finishing systems, will showcase Discreet's work in 2K, HDTV and video content creation. Also on display will be Discreet's desktop 3D animation, compositing and encoding applications - 3ds max 5, combustion 2.1, and cleaner XL.

inferno provides an interactive 3D design environment with real-time capabilities for standard definition video, HDTV, DTV, and 2K digital cinema.

As a result of recent upgrades, Discreet inferno 5, flame 8 and flint 8 visual effects and compositing systems offer mixed resolution support, extended editing capabilities, advanced workflow in Batch and much more, enabling visual effects artists to work faster and more efficiently, and dedicate more time to the creative aspects of their projects.

This latest release introduces both new features as well as a re-designed architecture for a new, more efficient editing and compositing workflow that allows digital artists to save time and effort. Key new functionality includes:

Mixed Resolution Architecture—The new inferno, flame and flint release is fully format—and resolution-independent. Artists can quickly import any resolution into a project and create compositions including layers of 601, HD, 2K or even 6K images.

Advanced 3D — with Multiple Cameras and FBX now features multiple animatable cameras as well as more extensive support for 3D integration via the FBX file format from Kaydara. Artists can directly import and manipulate 3D models generated in Discreet’s 3ds max as well as from other popular 3D applications including Maya, Softimage|XSI, Softimage|3D, and Lightwave.

Advanced Workflow in Batch—Three key components have now been incorporated into Batch for easier accessibility: Action, a new Editing Timeline, and Proxy Processing.

A complete list of new features in inferno 5, flame 8 and flint 8 may be found on the specific product pages at

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