NCTA Launches COVID-19 Internet Dashboard

(Image credit: NCTA)

WASHINGTON—NCTA—The Internet & Television Association has unveiled a new resource to monitor the weekly growth of internet traffic and how cable broadband networks are responding during the coronavirus pandemic with the new COVID-19 Internet Dashboard (opens in new tab).

Internet use has been up as people are self-quarantining at home, but because of travel and gathering restrictions, internet connection is more important now so people can work and communicate.

The COVID-19 Internet Dashboard features aggregated data from cable internet service providers and shows a depiction of how cable broadband networks are faring. The Dashboard will show growth and performance for both upstream and downstream traffic on a national and state-by-state basis.

NCTA will specifically measure the growth of traffic at the peak period of usage from week to week. 

“Regardless of how peak hours may shift, cable broadband networks continue to offer robust performance and cable ISPs and working hard to ensure that the network continues to perform well even with these changes in patterns and increase in usage,” the NCTA wrote.

The NCTA also says that individual households can best use of their broadband to help with the country’s response to coronavirus. It points to home network tips (opens in new tab) that the FCC released for some examples.

“While no consumer is immune from issues arising from temporary congestion in the home or across the internet, cable ISPs will continue in their efforts to plan for future demand and move swiftly to address issues when they arise, even in the midst of this pandemic,” NCTA wrote.