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NCP Upgrades Truck With Utah Router

New Century Productions (NCP), an Allentown, Pa.-based mobile television production facility provider, is updating one of its trucks with a Utah Scientific Utah-400/XL router.

The company’s NCP IV 53-foot vehicle is five years old and is getting the 204x384 router as part of an upgrade which will replace CRT monitors with a flat panel HD monitor wall.

“We selected a router from Utah Scientific because they are incredibly reliable” said Mike Mundt, NCP director of engineering. “These routers come with a 10-year, no-fee warranty, but in actuality they are much better than that. We still get good support on routing switchers we purchased 20 years ago. No other vendor comes close to offering that.”

The Utah-400/XL occupies only 20 RU, fitting into the same space as the 96x96 router originally installed in the vehicle and allowing reuse of existing cabling.

The NCP IV is equipped with 12 cameras and provides sports coverage for Fox, ESPN, NASCAR and others. It is expected to be returned to service on Jan. 20 for coverage of NBA basketball, NHL hockey and other sporting events.