NBC Universal signs with OpenTV

NBC Universal has selected the OpenTV Participate program to power, centralize and manage cross-platform interactive television applications, including Web, mobile and set-top box, for NBC Universal’s broadcast and cable networks. The specific programs that will feature the interactive services have not yet been announced.

The enterprise-wide deal, announced at the Cable Show in New Orleans, comes one year after NBC.com used the OpenTV Participate solution to successfully power live, Web, and PC-based interactive services for the primetime series “Heroes.”

The “two-screen” interactive services were created, scheduled, managed and analyzed using OpenTV Participate’s production tools, and then synchronized with the “Heroes” broadcast each Monday night across all continental U.S. time zones.

Audiences were invited to interact with the broadcasts by entering live polls and offering their own predictions on the outcome of the storylines, all in real time.

OpenTV Participate is a server-based system that can process several thousand transactions per second in real time, delivering a personalized interactive experience to viewers on cable, satellite, terrestrial, mobile or Web platforms. The service also allows for virtually unlimited value-added content, such as trivia, facts, sponsor messages and interactive advertising.