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NBC Rolls Out 'Weather Plus'

NBC recently began service on its new Weather Plus channel, which will be rolled out to the network's affiliates for broadcast as a stream on their DTV channels. Combining both national and local weather information, Weather Plus will provide current temperature and other local conditions on an "L Bar" at the perimeter of the screen.

The first station to place Weather Plus on its DTV channel is WNBC in New York and 14 additional stations begin the service over the next three months. Ultimately, Weather Plus will be on all NBC O&O and affiliate stations, which will give the network a base of more than 1,000 reporters and meteorologists across the country to provide around-the-clock national and local weather information.

Local stations will insert weather data and reports tailored to their audiences and use the network feed for regional and national information. Stations will update weather data and stories several times per hour to keep the local information fresh.

The Weather Plus service will be fed to NBC stations via satellite, in much the same way that the network's main signal is now distributed. The headquarters for the service is at NBC Newschannel's facility in Charlotte, N.C.