NBC News provides historical footage to K-12 educators for fall term

The network news organization is making more than 5000 video news resources available to kindergarten through 12th grade teachers through a relationship with Web 2.0 learning community HotChalk.

NBC News is opening its video vault of more than 60 years of historical news archives and supplemental resources to support primary and secondary education.

The network news organization is working with HotChalk, a Web 2.0 learning community for teachers, students and parents, to provide teachers with content specifically created for classroom instruction.

More than 5000 video resources from NBC News will be made available via HotChalk to supplement instruction in a wide range of courses. For example, history classes will be able to watch footage of the civil rights movement, and science students can see recreated footage of the Ice Age. The footage will become available to teachers for the fall 2007 semester.

Using NBC News' production services, the new digital educational content released Aug. 14 includes additional NBC archive materials and several hundred videos created in collaboration with historians, textbook authors and other experts on a wide range of topics dating from the dawn of history to the 1930s when NBC began its archive. Teachers will also be able to access additional primary source content, original audio, video and third-party content, such as articles from the “Washington Post,” and current material from "NBC Nightly News" and "Meet the Press."

For more information, visit www.hotchalk.com.