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NBC manages bandwidth with Signiant

NBC’s popular video-on-demand services presented during the Olympics is supported by Signiant technology, which manages the network’s available bandwidth and moves large HD video files to and from its production facility prior to distribution across its online portal and video partner network. Throughout the Olympics, Signiant’s digital media distribution platform is automating what was once a manual and time-intensive process.

During the games, NBC has promised to provide 2200 hours of on-demand video coverage that can be played back on personal computers and mobile phones, plus 3000 hours of highlights, rewinds, encores and scoring results.

To make it happen, Signiant's IP-based solution allowed NBC to accelerate the movement of large video files over its network while managing and optimizing bandwidth usage to ensure that the network’s VOD services operated reliably and without interruption.

Signiant allows news organizations to share video news clips across their networks of local stations. These stations can upload low-resolution versions of their locally captured content, which are then shared with all participating stations. When one of these clips is desired by another station, the high-resolution version is sent directly from the source to the requesting station. All of this is centrally managed, secured, automated and accelerated using Signiant Central Media Manager, Signiant Media Agents and Signiant Media Accelerator.

Signiant is headquartered in Burlington, MA, with development facilities in Ottawa, Ontario, and offices in New York, Los Angeles and Manchester, UK.

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