NBC Local Media chooses new direction for local Web sites

NBC Local Media has gone live with four of nine planned Web sites in local NBC markets aimed at delivering local news, entertainment and information form a variety of sources without being positioned as mere adjuncts to the network's local stations.

The sites, which include print, online publications, bloggers, individuals and NBC's local TV stations, aim to attract visitors who want to get “plugged in to all their city has to offer,” according to a press statement from the network.

The first of the new sites went live in Chicago Oct. 13, followed by Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco Oct. 16; Dallas, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., Oct. 20; and New York and Hartford Oct. 27.

Calling the sites a departure from what has come before, John Wallace, president of NBC Local Media, said the goal was to offer “a new type of user experience that's less an extension of our TV stations and more of an online destination for the latest local news, information and entertainment.”

Content for the sites will be aggregated from the best available sources, which will include links to outside sources and content from site visitors.