National Newspaper Labels 720p as 'In-between' HD

And they wonder why consumers can get confused over HD options? It seems USA Today (opens in new tab), one of the most widely circulated U.S. newspapers nationally, has selected which of the two original HD formats it likes best, and is dotting the "i" that goes with 1080.

In a Q&A sidebar to a feature story this week on next-gen DVD players, a USA Today media reporter makes the following observations online:

"Q: What is high-definition television?

"A: An HDTV has 1,080 lines of detail on its screen. A standard set has just 480. So an HDTV has a much sharper picture. Some TV makers sell an in-between model, with 720 lines. Pacific Media Associates analyst Rosemary Abowd calls this 'low-end high-def.'"

The paper's item makes no mention of Interlace or Progressive until the end of the Q&A. (And as for 720p being an "in-between" format, somebody better tell Fox, Disney and ESPN.)