NASA’s Moon Landing 50th Anniversary Livestream Aided by Teradek

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, Fla.—Millions of people watched the grainy black and white footage of Neil Armstrong taking his first steps on the Moon in 1969; in a special commemorative livestream produced by NASA, millions more people celebrated the Moon landing’s 50th anniversary on July 20 with a helping hand from Teradek and its Cube encoders.

The live, multi-site two-hour TV special from NASA TV and The Science Channel featured Teradek’s Cube encoders as part of a mix of transmission technologies to help send high-quality video over IP from different regions in the country to the broadcast facility in at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. In addition, the Teradek Core management platform was put in use to remotely route and configure encoders in the cloud.

Program feeds were delivered from Seattle, Houston, Huntsville, Ala., Washington, D.C., and Neil Armstrong’s birthplace, Wapakoneta, Ohio. All the feeds were managed, produced and distributed from the Kennedy Space Center to TV networks.

NASA had previously used Teradek technology for its 2017 live coverage of the Great American Eclipse across Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and