NASA upgrades to HD at Goddard Space Flight Center

The space agency is relying on the FOR-A HANABI HVS-3800HS switcher as an integral part of the upgrade to HD.
The production control room at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center is the first to be equipped with the FOR-A HANABI HVS-3800HS switcher as part of an upgrade to high definition at 10 of the space agency's centers.

NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) in Greenbelt, MD, outside Washington, D.C., has become the first of 10 NASA centers with full live HD capability.

GSFC is using the FOR-A HANABI HVS-3800HS switcher as an integral part of all of its live press events.

The switcher was installed in time to be used to switch a live press conference last October announcing NASA's plans for a fifth servicing mission to maintain the Hubble space telescope. The switcher was used in the recording of an HD version of the press conference, which was downconverted to SDI for distribution to the public. Given the historical significance of the event, NASA wanted an HD version.

The HVS-3800HS can configure up to five main units or control panels, making it easy for users to set up productions from multiple locations. It has 16 standard inputs and 16 standard outputs.

Before acquiring the HVS-3800HS, a mobile production truck was used to produce the live press conferences. Now, the HVS-3800HS is installed in a control room and all adjacent press centers and auditoriums are interconnected through GSFC's existing fiber-optic network.

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