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NAC Ultra Slo-mo HD Systems for Super Bowl XLVI

MAYWOOD, N.J.: The new Hi-Motion II ultra-motion camera system was deployed for Super Bowl coverage. Made by NAC Image Technology, the Hi-Motion cameras use a three-CMOS-sensor camera head with built-in memory to deliver greater than ten-times-speed for ultra-slow-motion playback of HD sports action.

The new Hi-Motion II camera, developed in cooperation with Ikegami, is a dual-format 1080i/720p system that can provide simultaneous output of live normal-speed video and ultra-slow-motion replay video. It can be used as both a traditional HD portable/field camera and an ultra-motion HD camera. The Hi-Motion II camera is sold and supported by Ikegami. Fletcher Camera & Lenses invested $3.5 million in 12 Hi-Motion II ultra-motion cameras, four of which got inaugurated at the Super Bowl.

“The Hi-Motion II camera systems are performing flawlessly right out of the box, which doesn’t always happen with new products, so we are quite happy right now,” said Dan Grainge, vice president of Fletcher Camera & Lenses. Four of the 12 Hi-Motion II ultra-motion cameras Fletcher recently purchased got their inaugural use at Super Bowl XLVI. Grainge lists several reasons why his company has invested $3.5 million in the new technology.